Gr4nul4r Synth3sis by Peter Milne Greiner

Gr4nul4r Synth3sis by Peter Milne Greiner


Gr4nul4r Synth3sis
O staggered sequence

into whose meticulous knots I

strongarm and bluff sense

O ululating wiki crypt I uninstall

on a moment to moment basis

here in this La La Land where odd is idyllic

I have cheated ascesis and made no advances

that can be seen these dozen increments and as many

dwellings      See how on the tonsils

I have rendered my desperate

plea in the theft of Tetris my quest is most

days?      Wands off, por favor
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Listen to this poem here, Read Peter's article for SOUND here] *granular synthesis: a method by which sounds are broken into tiny grains which are then redistributed and re-organized to form other sounds. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Peter Milne Greiner was born in Massachusetts in 1984. He studied poetry at The New School under Sekou Sundiata and Albert Mobilio. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Fence, Stone Telling, Leveler, Exit Strata, Diner Journal, FAQNP, Coldfront, You're Beautiful, New York, and the anthology Here, We Cross, a collection of queer and gender fluid poetry. He has also sent a poem into space via the Jamesburg Earth Station in Carmel Valley, CA, through the Lone Signal service. He is a co-creator of DrunknSailor, a somewhat ensemble and highly occasional reading series and maker of event-specific publications which has held readings in New York City at McNally Jackson, Capricious Space, and ICP-Bard, among others. He lives and studies science in Brooklyn.

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